Round Updates

This page is where you will find round updates. Please check here for updates before e-mailing an admin on the status of your order, thanks!

Round Open-Closed Orders filling Retail Posted/ Round Complete

Retail only round.

Retail posted Feb 7, 2018

March 12-23, 2018

-03/25~ Estimated to start cutting late April.

-04/26~ Scheduled delivery to Fabric Goat is April 30. Cutting and shipping will start immed. after that.

-05/1~ Fabric arrives at FG HQ today! Orders will be filled from May 1-4.

-05/3~ All orders shipped, retail will be posted May 11, 2018.

Turn around for Round 2: 6 weeks

May 16-27, 2018

-05/24~ Round has been extended until 5PM MST on May 29, 2018

-05/30~ Order has been submitted to printer

-07/02~ Scheduled delivery to Fabric Goat is July 06

~07/07-Fabric is here! Filling orders

Retail scheduled for July 13

Turn around for round 3: 6 weeks

June 18-July 2, 2018

-07/05~ Estimated to start cutting Aug 13.

-07/19~ hoping to start cutting by end of July. Just got word that printing is complete.

-07/29~ all orders are filled. Last post office drop off in the AM!

Retail scheduled for August 3

Turn around time for round 4: 4 weeks!

FLASH round!

August 3-11, 2018

Regular turn around time will not be posted for this round because we didn't have any regular orders. We did have one large bulk order that is being filled on a different timeline than a regular pre-order.

Limited retail will be available in late September

Round 6

Sept. 14- 27, 2018

October 22- Shipped

October 26- Fabrric arrived! Orders filled over the weekend.

Retail scheduled for November 1!

Turn around time for round 5: 4 weeks, 4 days!

*Still waiting on 2 inch hippos misprint. Expected 3 additional weeks. The last order for hippos is out! Turn around time for people waiting for the large scale hippo re-print was 8 weeks exactly!

Dec 1-15, 2018

Fabric Arrived on January 18, 2019

Retail Scheduled for January 25!

Total turnaround for round 7: 5 weeks, 3 days

Round 8

February 1-14