Vintage Floral Neon

Fabric Goat

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Vintage Floral Neon
Vintage Floral Neon

This is a listing for Pre-order fabric. The pre-order is open from May 16-27 2018.

Pre-order fabric can take as long as 12 weeks to arrive at Fabric Goat. For all of our pre-order policies, please check out:

Vintage Floral Neon is digitally printed on 260 gsm cotton/lycra (95/5). Oeko-Tex 100 certified and CPSC compliant.

Pre-order price is $24/meter, and retail will be listed at $28. All prices are in CAD. Retail availability is not guaranteed.

Bolt width is 60" with a usable width of at least 58". Fabric has 50% stretch and excellent recovery. This knit fabric is perfect for tees, leggings, pajamas, dresses, and more.

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